How to Order from Dubai Flower Shop

When ordering flowers from any Dubai flower shop, one of the most important concerns of customers is the freshness of the flowers. So how can you make sure that when you buy flowers, you can get the best and freshest batch?

How to Get the Freshest Flowers

Call Up the Flower Shop & Take Note of Delivery Schedules

One technique is to call up flower shops like Mercury Flowers in Dubai and ask their staff about the arrival of certain types of flowers you are hoping to buy. In this way you can know when is the best time to place your orders in such a way that they arrive just a few days or even on the day you need them.


Pick a Reliable Florist

One of the best ways to get the freshest flowers aside from taking note of delivery schedules is to also start with a reliable flower shop or florist to take care of your orders. You can go to your nearby flower shop or ask friends and family members if they have any recommendations. You can also check online by simply making a search. When searching online, you can use Google Reviews of Facebook reviews to know what people are saying about the flower shop especially when it comes to their service, products, and staff.

Accept Suggestions for Flowers in Season

Sometimes, the flower that you want is not really in season so it may be hard to get it fresh and if you do, they may be really expensive. So one way to deal with this problem is to ask your florist what they would suggest for the occasion. Usually these would be flowers in season or flowers that are within your specified budget. There are also ways to get fresh flowers in season and still make a unique bouquet by combining different flowers in one arrangement. Make sure you ask your florist about this option. Usually if you accept the suggestions of the florist or flower shop, you increase your chances of getting fresh flowers rather than insisting on a particular flower you want. Depending on where you live, flowers also bloom based on the season so just be realistic about this and try to see what the florist will recommend.

Opt for Same-Day Delivery

Many flower shops now offer same-day-delivery options. You can specify this when you make your oder or when you purchase online. You may also call the shop to make sure that they indeed offer a same-day-delivery. When you choose same-day-delivery, the flower shop already knows when to make your requested arrangement or bouquet and they estimate how long it takes to deliver the flowers. So this means the flowers are not just standing in their refrigerators for several days. They will order then at least 1 day before and then arrange them on the day of your event just a few hours before delivery so you really get the freshest flowers from the farm to your door.

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